Vincent D’Onofrio Says The Cast Of Daredevil Would Love To Do Season 4


Back in 2015, Netflix and Marvel teamed up to bring a series of superhero shows to the popular streaming service, integrating a handful of smaller players into the MCU without the need for big budget movies. The first seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were promising, and while Iron Fist didn’t live up to expectations, it was great to see everyone come together during The Defenders

And who could forget Daredevilthe lawyer by day, crimefighter by night, who manages to navigate the dangerous neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. While Matt Murdock’s sophomore outing suffered a little, the third season was a proper return to form, and we had high hopes for its future.

Unfortunately, everything’s taken a turn for the worse during the past year. Netflix has canceled every single one of the aforementioned shows, and despite rumors that some series will return on other streaming platforms, we aren’t exactly holding our breath.

Needless to say, longtime fans were left disappointed when the show was officially axed, and it seems the cast and crew felt the same way. In a recent interview with The Daily Mail (via, Vincent D’Onofrio – who played Wilson Fisk/Kingpin – explained how the cancellation really affected him and his fellow actors.

“[The cancellation] kind of [left] us all in this uninformed, weird place. You ask any actor on this show if they want to do it again if they had the chance and they’re going to say yes, because the experience was so fun and inventive, and the characters are so strong,” the actor said.“I feel the same way as everybody involved, not just the actors but the crew, and even Jeph Loeb over at Marvel, we miss it, we want to do that show.”

Even worse, D’Onofrio explained that the news stung particularly hard because of how well the third season did. Interestingly, he did share some info regarding the behind-the-scenes business decisions – it seems both Netflix and the House of Mouse simply stopped the show from continuing.

“It’s just that Netflix and Disney just kind of stopped it from happening, I guess because of deals they’re making for the future,” D’Onofrio shared.

While we’re not exactly hopeful that the show will make a triumphant return anytime soon, a few of us here at We Got This Covered would love to see a fourth season of Daredevil. In the meantime, here’s hoping the final episodes of Jessica Jones can tide us over for now.