First Look At Vincent D’Onofrio As Daredevil Villain Kingpin


Netflix’s coverage of their forthcoming show, Marvel’s Daredevil, has so far shown us a teaser trailer, new glimpses at Matt Murdock and co. in a gallery of stills and a cheeky motion poster. Up to this point, that blanket of information and visual treats has been void of one key element: Daredevil’s opponent. That is, until today, when Netflix revealed a profile photo and character description of The Kingpin.

In the 2003 movie, the part was played by Michael Clarke Duncan, and now that juicy villain will be brought to life by Vincent D’Onofrio in the rebooted series. His street name, The Kingpin, connects to his pivotal role in the functioning of Hell’s Kitchen.

Here’s the first character description for the baddie, whose real name doesn’t muster quite as much terror:

The shadowy figure behind organized crime in Hell’s Kitchen, Wilson Fisk has one mission in mind: to save Hell’s Kitchen by any means necessary, no matter the cost. This immediately puts him at odds with Matt Murdock’s vigilante alter-ego, who also seeks to protect the city – but sees the criminal element as the root of the city’s problems. Central to this conflict is that Fisk truly believes he’s doing good for Hell’s Kitchen and at times may seem more of a hero to its people than Daredevil. Intelligent, complex and physically imposing, Wilson Fisk is the perfect foil for Matt Murdock, and the two will collide dramatically in Marvel’s Daredevil.

A dramatic collision with Fisk sounds painful. In the comic canon, he’s considered one of the most feared crime lords, as he utilizes his hefty frame to intimidate people along with a cane that’s encrusted with jewels… so he can poke people, presumably.

All episodes of Marvel’s Daredevil will be available on Netflix on April 10th. Check out the photos of The Kingpin in the gallery below, along with some other new stills, and let us know what you think.