Vincent D’Onofrio Had The Best Response To Daredevil’s Cancellation


We had half-guessed that it was coming, but Netflix’s announcement that they’d cancelled Daredevil after three seasons still came as a blow last night. The most recent run had been perhaps the finest season of all of the Marvel shows on the streaming service, so fans were more than ready for another outing.

In these dark times though, at least someone has a message that makes us feel a little better. That’d be the Kingpin himself, Vincent D’Onofrio. The actor took to Twitter following the sad news and had the perfect words to lift the spirits of Daredevil fans everywhere. With a nice bit of descriptive prose, the star reminded us that, though his series is over, the Man Without Fear is still out there somewhere in Hell’s Kitchen beating up bad guys.

This is a great, uplifting post from D’Onofrio on the cancellation, but privately, we imagine he must be taking the end of the show pretty hard. The actor’s been a vocal tweeter for the past few weeks, praising the other cast members and the crew for the terrific piece of TV they made.

He’s clearly very proud of the series, then, so he must be crushed that he won’t get to play Wilson Fisk again. Unless Marvel plans on answering our prayers and bringing D’Onofrio on board the movie side of things to cameo in a future Spider-Man flick opposite Tom Holland’s wallcrawler, that is. The actor himself has been up for that idea for years and now seems like the perfect time to make it happen.

Time will tell, but it seems like everyone who worked on Daredevil was raring to go again, as showrunner Erik Oleson had even revealed that season 4 was already mapped out with many exciting elements to it that fans would’ve loved. Maybe there are plans to shift it over to the Disney + streaming service, then? We live in hope.

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