You Can Now Vote Which Episodes You Want To Air In AMC’s Walking Dead Marathon

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead finally returns to wrap up its tenth season next month, and to mark the occasion, AMC is hosting a marathon of six of the show’s best ever episodes the night before. What’s more, you’ve got the opportunity to pick which ones get aired.

As titled Night of the Walking Dead, the marathon will take place on Saturday, October 3rd and the six episodes will be plucked from across the past decade of TWD. Fans have the chance to select which episodes are rerun by voting in a series of polls posted on the official Walking Dead Twitter account.

First of all, the account encouraged folks to vote for their favorite “Early Days” episode. The choices are series premiere “Days Gone Bye,” second ever episode “Guts,” and season 2 episodes “Pretty Much Dead Already” and “Better Angels.”

Moving on to the “Defending the Prison” era – that’s seasons 3 and 4 – the selection is from season 3 episodes “Walk With Me,” “Killer Within” and “Clear,” alongside fourth season episode “Too Far Gone” – the one where the Governor kills Hershel.

Next up, “The Road to Terminus” – seasons 4/5 – covers Carol-centric episode “The Grove,” season 4 finale “A” and season 5’s “No Sanctuary” and “Four Walls and a Roof,” which deal with Rick’s clash with the cannibals of Terminus.

The next batch, “Alexandria Arrival,” covers the season 5 finale “Conquer” and season 6’s “JSS,” “Here’s Not Here,” focused on Morgan, and the action-packed “No Way Out.”

Moving on to seasons 7 and 8, AKA “The War Against the Saviors” era, you get to pick between the grisly 7 premiere “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” as well as its follow-up “The Well” and season 8 eps “The Key” and “Wrath.”

Last but not least, “Rick’s Farewell and The Whisperer War” gives you a selection of Rick’s final episode “What Comes After,” penultimate episode of season 9 “The Calm Before” and season 10 episodes “Squeeze” and “Walk With Us.”

After Night of the Walking Dead, Sunday, October 4th then brings another night of The Walking Dead as season 10 finale “A Certain Doom” airs, as does the series premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Be sure to tune in.