The Walking Dead Producer Loves The Abraham Crossover Theory


At last, it was finally announced the other week at New York Comic-Con that The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead would be crossing over in the near future. As revealed by creator Robert Kirkman, we learned that a certain character from one show would travel over to the other. Thanks to the Fear season 3 finale, fans now think that they’ve worked out who this is – Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham Ford. You can read about all the evidence for that here, in case you missed it.

Following the eruption of that rumour, were able to chat to The Walking Dead‘s exec producer Greg Nicotero and pressed him for his thoughts on the matter. While he didn’t give anything away, he did make it clear that he applauds the fans for coming up with such a “super smart” idea for the crossover.

“I love the Abraham theory. I think it’s super smart.”

Nicotero went on to explain that the crossover has “been in the works for a little while.” Which means that all those times the cast and crew promised us there were no plans for the characters of the two shows to meet, they were telling bare-faced lies. The producer was also keen to distance himself from the plans, admitting that he’s so deep into working on season 8 of The Walking Dead that he isn’t up to date on what’s coming in season 4 of Fear. 

“To be really honest, I’m so deep into The Walking Dead, I haven’t read any of the outlines for Fear yet,” Nicotero said. “That’ll probably have to wait until I’m out from underneath all this stuff.”

Though Greg Nicotero was suitably coy in his responses, his thumbs-up to the fans for putting together the Abraham theory could be a subtle hint that they’re on the right track about the crossover. It’s possible that there could be no truth to it, of course, but all the evidence is certainly pointing towards a return for the fan favourite character.

The Walking Dead will be back on AMC for its 100th episode this Sunday, October 22nd.