The Walking Dead Exec Producer Rules Out A Crossover With Fear


TV law dictates that when a popular show spawns a spinoff, a crossover must happen between the two eventually. That’s particularly true nowadays in our world of shared cinematic universes. It’s no wonder, then, that fans of The Walking Dead frequently talk about a potential crossover with the related Fear The Walking Dead. But it seems we shouldn’t get our hopes up, as TWD‘s exec producer has pretty much flat-out squashed any chance of this happening. asked EP Gale Hurd about whether we could expect the two shows to cross paths one day, and she was quick to dismiss the idea. To her, it just wouldn’t make sense from a geographical point of view, as they’re set in totally different locations.

“I don’t think so. Look, there’s so many reason that’s unlikely. First, they are on the Pacific Coast, Mexico. There are no planes. No one’s flying anymore. There’s no cross-country travel that’s easy. That’d be threading a needle, but first you’d have to find it in the haystack.”

We know what you’re thinking, though. Why not have the characters from The Walking Dead travel across the states and bump into their brothers and sisters from another series? Well, that wouldn’t work, either. According to Hurd, Rick and co. are too busy at the moment to start going on some cross country trip.

“You know, I think they [Rick and Co.] have so much on their plate right now, that thinking about the greater world is not their most important focus. I think they’re trying to not only survive the rule of Negan, but overthrow Negan. They don’t have much time for speculation.”

This is just the latest update on why a crossover will never happen, as actors from both sides of the fence have previously voiced their opinions on why they don’t think it’d work. TWD‘s Michael Cudlitz says there would be a clash of styles, as his show is drawn from a comic book and Fear is more grounded. Daniel Sharman, meanwhile, simply thinks it would be “a bad idea.”

Fear The Walking Dead continues its third season until October 15th, while The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season on October 22nd.