Major Death In The Walking Dead Comics May Have Implications For The Show


The Walking Dead recently concluded its seventh season, but it still has quite a ways to go before it catches up with Robert Kirkman’s comic books. The show has always stayed fairly faithful to the major events of its source material, more or less, but it has been known to make a few significant alterations from time to time, particularly where main character deaths are concerned.

In the latest issue of the comic, #167, we lost Andrea after she was bitten in the neck by a walker before being put down for good by her lover, Rick. Now, as any real Walking Dead fan will know, Andrea checked out on the small screen back in season 3, but that doesn’t mean that a similar fate doesn’t await the woman who’s replaced her as Rick’s significant other.

Since character deaths are often switched around on the show (Herschel was beheaded at the prison instead of Tyrese, for example), speculation is now mounting that Michonne might be killed off in a similar way to Andrea at some point over the next couple of seasons. There’s no evidence for this beyond what we’ve already laid out, but when you take into account Rick and Michonne’s season 7 conversation about moving forward and being strong even if one of them was to be killed, it would make a certain amount of sense. Of course, Michonne has her own arc in the comics and plays a very important role in the overarching story, so killing her off would cause a completely different set of problems for the showrunners.

As of now, this should be filed purely under speculation, but tell us, do you think Michonne will take Andrea’s place on The Walking Dead? Drop a comment in the usual place with your thoughts.