The Walking Dead Adds Corey Hawkins As Heath

Walking Dead Corey Hawkins

We’ve seen plenty of characters die grisly deaths on AMC’s The Walking Dead, meaning that each season the cast needs to be replenished with new additions. Season five was especially bloody, meaning that we’ll be seeing a few new people join the ranks of Rick Grimes’ band of merry zombie survivors, especially now that they’ve taken up residence in the town of Alexandria.

According to THR, the first season six cast addition has been found in Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins, who will have a recurring role as Heath, Alexandria’s supply runner and a key character in the comics.


THR debuted our first look at Hawkins in character (above) and it’s a near-perfect page-to-screen adaptation. Now, whether or not the character’s story – which involves a close friendship with Glenn and a relationship with an Alexandria doctor named Denise (who has yet to be cast) – will stay as true to the source material remains to be seen.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC in October, while its prequel companion series, Fear the Walking Dead, arrives this summer.

Source: THR