The Walking Dead Creator Says His Explanation For The Virus’ Source Was A Joke

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead has always taken a character-driven approach to the zombie apocalypse, with the “hows” and the “whys” of what started the walker virus being left unexplored. Fans have been desperate to find out the truth behind the end of the world for years, then. And a few months back, it looked like creator Robert Kirkman had finally revealed it.

In response to a fan asking him in January the age-old question of what the source of the virus is on Twitter, Kirkman responded with a two-word reply: “Space spore.” The tweet went viral as the internet took his comment at face value. Three months later, though, the writer has decided to step up and clarify that this explanation was intended as a joke.

In reply to a news item about the apparent revelation, which has since been deleted, Kirkman put any doubt to bed. “First, the mentioned tweet is months old and it’s been deleted!” he explained. “Second, it was a joke! I would never reveal something like this in a tweet!”

Those who know their stuff would’ve always known Kirkman was giving a tongue-in-cheek reply in that original tweet. You see, when trying to get The Walking Dead comic series commissioned at Image, he was asked to come up with a reason for the outbreak. Kirkman made up a story that he was going to reveal that aliens had started it all as a bid to weaken the Earth prior to an invasion. It was all a ruse to get a greenlight, though, and Kirkman never intended to go through with it.

We’re back to square one, then, and it looks like we might not ever discover what really happened to start the apocalypse. The comic book series wrapped up last year, after all, and as things stand, none of the TV series are on the trail of an answer. Our best bet is probably the Andrew Lincoln movies, as they might just reveal a walker cure.

The Walking Dead is currently on hiatus, but will return to AMC eventually for its season 10 finale.