Walking Dead EP Says The Morgans Are Amazing Together In Negan Prequel Episode


The Walking Dead fans are finally about to meet Negan’s wife Lucille when the post-apocalyptic drama returns in the new year for its next batch of episodes. And in a perfect bit of casting, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s real-life wife, One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton Morgan, will be playing the role. The couple will get to act opposite each other in the upcoming season 10C episode “Here’s Negan,” which will explore the former villain’s backstory at last. And, according to showrunner Angela Kang, we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

Various TWD cast and crew members took part in The Walking Dead Holiday Special, which debuted on AMC+ over the weekend, to tease what’s coming up for the franchise. Kang was on hand to preview “Here’s Negan,” promising that the Morgans are “amazing together” on screen.

“For the Negan fans, we’re going to do our version of the comic book story ‘Here’s Negan,’ and Lucille is going to be played by JDM’s real-life wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan. And they’re amazing together,” Kang said. “So I’m really excited for everyone to see our various people getting to shine.”

“Here’s Negan” will be inspired by the spinoff comic series of the same name from creator Robert Kirkman, which detailed how Negan became the man we love to hate in the lead-up to and during the apocalypse. Originally a gym teacher, his wife Lucille, who he was cheating on, died of cancer at the same time that the walker outbreak began. As we all know, Negan went on to honor her in his own way by naming his favorite barbed bat after her.

The Walking Dead is due to return for six new episodes of season 10 produced during the pandemic. Anthological in nature, they’ll also check in on Maggie after her return home and Eugene and co.’s encounter with the Commonwealth. “Here’s Negan,” meanwhile, is set to be the mini-season finale, and it’s sounding like it’ll be one of the highlights of the run.