The Walking Dead Explains Why Michonne’s Leaving For Now

Michonne Walking Dead

Danai Gurira will be leaving The Walking Dead sometime in season 10, as announced this past summer. You can tell that the Black Panther star is on her way out of the TV show as she’s only had a limited number of appearances in the first half of this season. It looks like we should expect the same thing in the second half, too, as the midseason finale temporarily wrote the character out of the series for a few episodes.

Back in 10×04 “Silence the Whisperers,” Michonne and her highly capable daughter Judith left for Oceanside to respond to an emergency radio broadcast about someone messing with the community’s security system. In 10×08 “The World Before,” the pair arrive and discover that stranger Virgil has attempted to steal a boat. What’s more, his actions cause Oceanside to be breached by a horde of walkers.

Naturally distrustful of the newcomer, Michonne initially suspects Virgil of deliberate foul play, but he manages to convince her of his innocence with his pleas that he’s just trying to get home to his family. He lives on Bloodworth Island, a naval base about two days’ journey away. Michonne agrees to accompany him back in exchange for the bigger weapons they have there, which she says will act as payment for the trouble he’s caused at Oceanside.

Michonne explains to Judith that these weapons might be enough to end the threat of the Whisperers once and for all. However, she insists that the child remain behind as she doesn’t want anyone else taking this kind of risk. The youngster agrees that if they can end the war for good, it’s worth it. Michonne then hugs Judith and makes her promise to “Be good for Uncle Daryl” before leaving with Virgil.

We’ll find out how her mission goes when The Walking Dead season 10 returns to AMC on February 23rd.