The Walking Dead Could Explore Daryl’s Love Life Very Soon

The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon has been TV’s most eligible bachelor for the past 10 years, but The Walking Dead may be about to finally explore his love life. Fans have hoped that Norman Reedus’ loner might spark up a romance with various characters over the series’ run, including Beth and Connie, but so far he’s remained unattached. This could change in season 11, though, according to new hints from TWD boss Scott M. Gimple.

When speaking to Looper, Gimple – the franchise’s chief content officer – was asked about the possibility of Daryl finally getting together with Melissa McBride’s Carol sometime soon. He wouldn’t be drawn too much, but did say that the duo have one of “the most intimate relationships” on the show.

“Without going too deep into it, I would say Daryl and Carol have one of the most intimate relationships that we’ve seen on the show. I’ll just say that,” Gimple said. “And then as far as Daryl and love, again, you know me, I’m not about spoilers.”

The EP went on to promise something exciting, that upcoming episodes will examine “other dimensions” of Daryl that have never been examined over the past ten seasons, saying:

“But I will say that we will be looking at other dimensions of Daryl’s character that we’ve never seen before on the show coming up very soon. And it’s going to be… I can’t wait to see those other dimensions of Daryl Dixon.”

Gimple is careful not to mention anything declarative here, but it does seem like “Caryl,” as the fans call them, is likely to become a thing. Not only are we heading towards the show’s final season, so any lingering emotional storylines will come to a head, but Reedus and McBride are due to star in their own spinoff series following TWD‘s end in 2022. This will focus on Daryl and Carol as they travel around the country, seeing a bit of the world and helping folks out.

Then again, Connie returned in the season 10 finale, after being thought dead all half-season, so there could be something to come between her and Daryl when they’re eventually reunited. We’ll find out when The Walking Dead airs six bonus episodes on AMC – which are in the midst of production now – early next year.