The Walking Dead Set Video Teases Explosive Mid-Season Finale


Minor spoilers for season 8 to follow.

After the seventh season was accused of being too protracted and dull by many fans, The Walking Dead looks to be making a major course correction for its upcoming eighth season. For one, the cast and crew have promised that things will be more action-packed and dynamic this time around, as the show reaches the epic “All-Out War” storyline from the comics.

Further proof that things are going to get exciting when The Walking Dead returns comes in the form of a new set video shared by The Spoiling Dead on their Facebook page, which shows the cast and crew filming a secene from the mid-season finale. “This was the night of many BOOMS! Alexandria is getting beat up,” TSD wrote. “There were multiple loud, fiery explosions. They took place by the solar panels, church, and Brownstones.”

Take a look at the video below:

Explosion at Alexandria from 8/1/17. The midseason finale already looking like a Michael Bay film. ?BRING ON THE BOOMS!!!

Posted by The Spoiling Dead Fans on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It’s not hard to work out what might have caused the safe-zone that’s been our heroes’ home for the last few seasons to go up in flames. Presumably, Negan and the Saviors don’t take kindly to Rick and the others rallying against them, so they decide to get some revenge.

The Spoiler Dead also detailed another intriguing scene from the mid-season finale, this time involving a face-off between Negan and Carl.

“Carl is on the platform. Negan shows up at the gates with his Savior army. Negan starts yelling loudly. Carl gets down from the platform and at some point when he is by the gates there is gunfire.

There is an interaction between Negan and Carl at the gates. However, Michonne and Tobin are also close by. They might be closely watching and then eventually aid Carl.

There is a line of dialogue that we assume is Negan to Carl. “Your daddy isn’t here.”

It’s fair to say things aren’t looking good for the Alexandrians at this point. Least of all Rick, who’s apparently disappeared. Is he just tied up with some other business at this point? Maybe, but we have a feeling there’s a more sinister explanation.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 22nd.

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