The Walking Dead Fans Say Goodbye To Michonne After Her Final Episode

Michonne Walking Dead

Well, we’ve known this was coming for a long time now, but it finally happened last night. Danai Gurira’s last episode of The Walking Dead aired yesterday, meaning fans have to face the fact that Michonne will no longer be appearing on the show. Since debuting at the beginning of season 3, the katana-wielding heroine has become one of the most beloved characters in the franchise. As you’d expect, then, there was a lot of outpouring of love for Michonne and Gurira’s performance after her final episode was broadcast.

First of all, here’s Gurira’s own message to the fans:

A queen. a badass. A badass queen. A queen of badassery.

Thank for you for your service, Danai!

One of the best fictional characters ever.

What a ride it’s been.

The best part about this, though, is that we haven’t seen the last of Gurira in the TWD universe. As the episode made clear, Michonne is now on a quest to reunite with her lost love, Rick Grimes, which means that she’ll be returning for those upcoming theatrically released movies starring Andrew Lincoln. We won’t be seeing her week in, week out anymore, but Michonne’s story isn’t yet over.

Just let them see each other again!

Would she trek across the country for her man? CHECK.

Richonne is still endgame, people!

While on Bloodworth Island as part of a deal she made with Virgil, Michonne – to her shock – discovers items belonging to Rick, confirming her suspicions that he didn’t die six years ago, after all. As we know, he was ferried away in a helicopter by Anne. The logbook left behind in his washed-up boat revealed that he’s been everywhere from Tampa Bay, Florida to New Jersey. But how will Michonne find out where he’s got to now?

We’ll get the answer to that when her story continues on the big screen. For the moment, though, enjoy The Walking Dead season 10 as it continues to unfold Sundays on AMC.