The Walking Dead’s Masked Man Might Be [SPOILERS]

The Man in the Iron Mask in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead fans have got a lot to chew on as they wait for the season 10 finale to arrive. The run’s penultimate installment, which aired last weekend, is the last we’ll see of the show for a while. However, we have got a few promos for the season’s conclusion, titled “A Certain Doom,” which tease what we can look forward to when AMC is eventually able to broadcast the episode.

One of the biggest mysteries that the sneak peek establishes is that Alden and Aaron will be saved from Death by Whisperers by a mysterious stranger with kama weapons and their face obscured by an “iron mask.” The top theories over who it could be keep changing, as fans come up with new ideas. A few days ago, folks thought it might be Duane, Morgan’s long-dead son. The latest theory, though, points to it maybe being Heath instead.

We haven’t seen Corey Hawkins’ character since he mysteriously disappeared off-screen way back in season 7’s “Swear.” But he must still be alive out there somewhere.

That would be a mind-blowing twist.

There are a few other options, however. So it’s best to keep an open mind for now.

For instance, why not Trey Barker, from the novels and the Road to Survival game?

But it seems there are three main suspects…

It would be a very cool revelation if it did turn out to be Heath under that mask. He would be a lot more likely than Duane, for one, as his survival would be a massive retcon to established events. That said, Heath’s vanishing act has been confirmed to be linked into the group that also took Rick Grimes – the Civic Republic Military. So, if Hawkins was to reprise his role, it would no doubt occur in those Andrew Lincoln movies.

For now, all we can do is speculate. But hopefully we’ll discover the truth when The Walking Dead season 10 finale airs on AMC sometime later this year.