The Walking Dead’s Man In The Iron Mask Might Be A Returning Season 1 Character

The Man in the Iron Mask in The Walking Dead

We’ve got an indeterminate amount of time to wait before we get to see The Walking Dead season 10’s finale, but we’ve already had a sneak peek at the episode which gives us a lot to chew on. Casting aside the big deal that is our first glimpse at Lauren Cohan’s return as Maggie, the sneak peek also introduced a brand new mystery character, who’s currently being dubbed “the Man in the Iron Mask.”

Last time we saw Alden and Aaron in the penultimate installment, they were surrounded by a bunch of Whisperers. However, in this clip of the finale, their enemies are taken out by a new arrival, a hooded man with his face covered by a mask, wielding a couple of kama weapons. We’re left wondering, though, whether he’s friend or foe and who exactly is under that mask.

Now, one intriguing theory has begun doing the rounds and it says that it could actually be Duane Jones, the believed-deceased son of Morgan Jones. As played by Adrian Kali Turner all the way back in season 1, Duane and his dad helped out Rick when he first awoke from his coma. Fast forward to season 3 and Morgan came back, now insane from the loss of his son, apparently turned by his walker wife.

We’ve never had cause to doubt that this happened, but this masked man has got folks wondering if Morgan, what with his breakdown, only believed that his son died even though he really didn’t. All these years later, maybe he’s now grown-up and has made his way to Virginia. It’s a pretty wild theory, but it’s got folks talking on social media.

It would indeed be pretty crazy.

Much of Morgan’s arc has been about coming to terms with the deaths in his family, so you could argue that would make it unlikely that Duane’s fate would turned on its head like this. This is still a fun theory to consider for now, though, until we find out the truth when The Walking Dead eventually returns to AMC to conclude its tenth season.