The Walking Dead Fans Aren’t Happy About The Frozen Walker Plot Hole


Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead season 9 featured a pretty important milestone for the TV show. While the comic books have explored surviving a post-apocalyptic world during a harsh winter since their early days, the finale, titled “The Storm,” was the first time the survivors have had to face a tough blizzard on screen. And what’s more, the frost-bitten zombies that are out there.

The episode made good use of the walkers, too. The frozen zombies discovered by our heroes were eerie and the walkers bursting out of the snow was the horror highlight of the hour. However, there is one big problem with the way the undead were presented in “The Storm.” And that’s, how the heck were the ones under the snow not frozen when the others were?

This is something that Walking Dead fans had a lot to say about online, as evidenced by the tweets below.

As one fan put it best, this plot hole was “not cool.”

Logically-speaking, the walkers’ differing temperatures makes no sense, but thankfully, the fact we’re talking about zombies here means we have a bit of leeway to come up with some sort of explanation. The undead’s biology has never been fully explored, after all, so we really don’t know how different zombies would react to the same environmental conditions. Alternatively, the production team probably thought it would be cool for some of the walkers to emerge from the snow, and you can’t fault that logic, as it really was.

In any case, “The Storm” is being widely cited as one of the most visually-interesting episodes of The Walking Dead yet, with the winter wonder horrorland giving the show a completely fresh flavor. Although, the depiction of the frozen zombies did remind viewers of another creature from a certain acclaimed TV show. Yeah, they’re quite like Game of Thrones’ White Walkers.