The Walking Dead Fans React To Rick’s Final Episode


It finally happened. Andrew Lincoln’s last episode of The Walking Dead aired on Sunday night and needless to say, it was a poignant rollercoaster for fans.

Following being impaled on a piece of rebar in last week’s cliffhanger, we all thought Rick Grimes was a goner. Especially when he started having visions of old friends and enemies – like Shane (Jon Bernthal), Hershel (the late Scott Wilson) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green). However, in a shock twist, he was rescued by Anne and taken away in a helicopter for pastures new.

Fans were all over the place emotionally-speaking during the hour. In fact, the tears started flowing before the episode had even started.

And things only got more heart-wrenching when the old faces began showing up. Shane’s reappearance, in particular, brought up some old feelings about the duo that people didn’t know they still had.

Fans weren’t going to let Rick go without a fight though and were getting pretty stressed at the idea of him not making it.

Seeing as Scott Wilson recently passed away, Hershel’s final appearance on the show proved to be a poignant tribute to the late actor, and viewers reacted as so:

Meanwhile, Sasha fans were blubbing over Sonequa Martin-Green’s return to TWD.

And then the moment came where it looked like Rick was about to shuffle off this mortal realm – and fans just weren’t having it.

But then, a miracle happened and Rick was saved! Folks couldn’t believe their luck and were over the moon that the deputy sheriff was alive.

After the episode aired, we soon found out the reason for Rick’s continued survival. Though we shouldn’t expect to see Lincoln on the show again, Rick Grimes will star in his own trilogy of TV movies coming to AMC in the not-too-distant future.

For now, though, fans have to adjust to a post-Lincoln Walking Dead, as season 9 continues as usual this Sunday, November 11th.

Source: Twitter