Here’s How The Walking Dead Brought Back Shane, Hershel And Sasha


And there you have it, folks. Rick Grimes has officially made his exit from The Walking Dead, with the character being written out in tonight’s episode. Although, he wasn’t killed off like many expected. Rather, he lived to see another day, and see another day he will, as we know that AMC is planning to bring Andrew Lincoln back for a few movies.

Yes, as you’ve surely heard, Grimes will be back in a series of films that’ll aim to continue telling his story. Details on what exactly they’ll involve remain under wraps, but fans can at least take solace in the fact that tonight wasn’t the final time that Lincoln’s fearless leader will be on our screens.

But if you tuned in for the latest episode, you’ll know that it was special for another reason aside from just being Rick’s last outing. And that’s because it also brought back Sasha, Shane and Hershel.

We knew all three would be returning beforehand, but it was still great to see them again during Lincoln’s final hour and as expected, they were able to reappear via hallucinations that Rick was having due to a major injury he suffered.

When it came to Shane, the two had a humorous exchange about Judith, and also did a bit of catching up, while Hershel shared a touching moment with Grimes inside his barn. Staring at the sunset together, Scott Wilson’s character assured him that Maggie and her son will remain strong despite everything that’s happened and that Rick doesn’t need to worry about them.

And finally, for Sasha, she also shared a tender moment with Rick, reflecting on the journey he’s been on. “Your family, you’re not gonna find them because they’re not lost and you are not lost. What you need to do is wake up,” she says.

So again, all three characters returned via flashback as was widely predicted – and really, that was the only way they could return given that they’re all currently dead on the show – but it was nice to have them involved in Andrew Lincoln’s final episode of The Walking Dead regardless and with the actor now gone and a new era upon us, we can’t wait to see where AMC takes us next.