The Walking Dead Fans React To The Season 9 Premiere


The Walking Dead returned yesterday for its ninth season and the premiere episode (titled “A New Beginning”) did just what it said on the tin by jumping forward 18 months and seeing the assembled communities striving to build a somewhat civilized, peaceful existence after the years of toil.

It was a strong season opener overall that promised a renewed sense of purpose for the long-running series and it seems fans couldn’t have been happier with it, according to the buzzing reactions on social media. To begin with, though, everyone was just excited that The Walking Dead was finally back on our screens after a summer away.

Relationships-wise, “A New Beginning” was important for finally seeing Carol and Ezekiel get together, when the king shocked us all by proposing. There’s been something bubbling up between them since Ezekiel first appeared in season 7, but this still caught fans off-guard. Particularly, “Caryl” shippers who’ve always wanted Carol and Daryl to make it work.

Others were definitely here for Carol and Ezekiel finding some happiness, though.

Later on, people weren’t all that impressed with the death of Ken from Hilltop, a young kid who fell foul to a walker bite. It seems that after so many deaths of beloved characters, TWD fans just aren’t fazed by the killing of random redshirts on this show anymore. Particularly, when it happens so quickly. Don’t think we’ve forgotten Carl’s elongated demise last season, AMC…

We’ll have to see if the rest of the season can keep fans so emotionally invested, but something tells us that won’t be a problem. Especially not when you remember the fact that Rick Grimes doesn’t have long left for the world as Andrew Lincoln’s set to bow out of the series in the first half of season 9. And we fully expect Twitter to explode when that sad day comes.

Be sure to catch The Walking Dead every Sunday on AMC.

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