The Walking Dead Fans Spot Major Continuity Error In Season 3


As we’re waiting for the season 10 finale to arrive, The Walking Dead fans are revisiting the show’s past glory days to keep busy. Season 3, for instance, is widely regarded as one of the series’ best, largely thanks to the presence of David Morrisey’s Governor, one of TWD‘s greatest villains. Even the best seasons are capable of a few slip-ups, though, including this bizarre timeline error that’s recently been picked up on.

In season 3’s fourteenth episode, titled “Prey,” the Governor speaks with Andrea in Woodbury. If you draw your attention away from their conversation, though, you might realize something odd about the surrounding environment. As one user points out on the Movie Mistakes online forum, everything looks very autumnal, conflicting with dialogue earlier in the run that confirmed winter had just passed.

“In Woodbury, on the street, while Andrea talks to the Governor, we can see everybody wearing jackets and orange, red and yellow trees, showing that the scene was shot during fall. According to the beginning of the third season, they had just passed through a hard winter. So it should be spring or the beginning of summer.”

Obviously, this is just one of those times where the realities of production clash with the fiction of the show. When filming in the fall months, the team can’t exactly redress the trees to make it look like it’s spring, and they just have to hope folks at home either won’t notice the discrepancy or are willing to suspend their disbelief.

Within the TWD universe, though, it’s a bit difficult to come up with an explanation for the freak weather conditions. Unless the walker virus affected foliage in ways that haven’t been revealed yet. Are there actually zombie trees that permanently look like it’s fall and we just never noticed before?

The Walking Dead season 10 will air its concluding chapter sometime later this year. Season 11, meanwhile, is coming but will likely be hit with a sizeable delay, too.