The Walking Dead And Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Character To Be Revealed Sunday


Worlds will collide, that much is certain, but how exactly it will happen is still unknown.

Of course, we’re referring to the recently announced crossover between The Walking Dead, now in its eighth season, and Fear the Walking Dead, which is gearing up for its fourth. Though fans had been asking for a meeting between the two shows for some time now, it was only confirmed a few months back that it would eventually happen – we just weren’t told how or given any further details.

Still, theories and speculation have run rampant in the time since and while AMC has yet to announce anything official, the first layer will seemingly be peeled back this weekend, when the network reveals which character will be making the jump. If you want to find out who it’ll be, you better tune into Sunday’s episode of Talking Dead, which airs at 10pm EST, after The Walking Dead.

Now, given that Fear is a prequel, it’s entirely possible that the individual who crosses over will be someone who’s currently dead. A popular pick seems to be Abraham, but fans have also pieced together an interesting theory as to how Negan may be connected to the spinoff series. Unfortunately, for now, all we can do is speculate, but more will surely be revealed in just a matter of days – so hang tight, folks.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, November 26th to AMC with the premiere of its next episode, titled “The King, the Widow, and Rick.” If you plan on tuning in, make sure to stick around for Talking Dead afterwards to catch the big reveal!