The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Sneak Peak Explains [SPOILERS] Betrayal


The penultimate episode of The Walking Dead season 10a dropped a massive bombshell last night that we didn’t see coming. Dante was revealed to not be the trustworthy doctor he’d been set up as so far this run but actually a spy for the Whisperers. And poor Siddiq found out the truth before he was brutally strangled by the traitor.

It was a terrific twist but it left us with a lot of questions we want answers to. For one, how did Dante arrive in Alexandria in the first place and how has he been informing the Whisperers? Also, what other nefarious deeds has he been up to all this time? Well, wonder no more, as this sneak peak at the midseason finale clears up the whole mystery.

As you can see up above, the first three minutes of the episode have been released online, which reveal that the finale will kick off with a flashback detailing how Alpha sent Dante into Alexandria as her mole.

As a newcomer to her tribe, Dante was unfamiliar to her turncoat daughter Lydia, which was key to making the deception work. He came to be welcomed into the Safe Zone by faking a walker attack and joining a small group of survivors on their way to Alexandria. He soon started his friendship with Siddiq as a fellow doctor. On the sly, however, he’s the one who contaminated the community’s water supply. To add to Siddiq’s guilt, he also suffocated Cheryl.

It remains to be seen whether he’ll remain loyal to Alpha, as he certainly regretted killing Siddiq. The trailer for the midseason finale seems to confirm that the truth comes out, too, and that he gives some information about the Whisperers to our heroes. But can they trust him? And how much of all of this is part of Alpha’s plan to destroy Alexandria from the inside?

We’ll find out when The Walking Dead 10×08 “The World Before” airs on AMC this Sunday, November 24th.