The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Trailer Teases The Aftermath Of [SPOILERS] Death


The Walking Dead aired the penultimate episode of season 10a last night and it featured a huge shock that threw everything we thought we knew into question. Specifically, one character was revealed to be a traitor while another met a tragic end. This set the stage for a thrilling midseason finale, with the above promo now promising some tense drama to come.

In episode 10×7, “Open Your Eyes,” Dante was revealed to be a Whisperer mole and one of those involved with the deaths of Enid and the rest of Alpha’s victims last season. Siddiq was the one to figure this out, but before he could tell anyone, he was strangled to death by the evil spy. And obviously, fans aren’t handling his demise well at all.

In this new promo though, we get a hint at the fallout of Siddiq’s murder. The previous episode left it unclear whether Dante would get away with his actions, but this teaser heavily suggests our heroes discover the truth. He was the only one with the good doctor when he died, after all, and it looks like he’s being interrogated when he says: “None of this matters. But knowing that sets you free. Accept the future.”

He may give the Alexandrians some intel they can use in their ongoing battle with their latest enemies, too. As in a different clip, Daryl and Carol are seen to be involved in a heated discussion. “You’re going to trust a Whisperer now?” asks Daryl. Carol retaliates with: “You want to do nothing?”

Elsewhere, Michonne and Judith corner Kevin Carroll’s Virgil, making his first appearance here, and Gamma – possibly with her loyalty under question now that she knows Lydia’s alive – supplying Aaron with more info about the Whisperers.

The Walking Dead 10×08 “The World Before” airs on AMC this Sunday, November 24th. Don’t miss it.