The Walking Dead Fans Are Not Happy About [SPOILERS] Death

The Walking Dead

In yesterday’s episode of The Walking Dead season 10, the penultimate installment of this half of the run, yet another popular character met a tragic end. Yes, Alexandrian doctor Siddiq was murdered in a shocking twist by Dante, who it turned out was a Whisperer mole. The character had been with the show since the beginning of season 8 and it seems that fans were not ready to see him go so soon.

For one, they weren’t expecting it as some of them had got the wrong end of the stick.

Dante may now be public enemy number one in the TWD fandom.

Seriously, how dare they kill Siddiq?

Other fans are just not accepting this development. It looks like we might have another Carl situation on our hands here.

Speaking of, there may be a surprising reunion in the afterlife after this…

Oh, and we need to see Michonne’s reaction to Siddiq’s sad demise.

Given Siddiq’s increased role this season, some were really not happy with how things turned out.

They couldn’t have chosen anyone else as Dante’s victim?

All in all, Siddiq’s been a great character over the past two and a half seasons and clearly fans will miss him. Thanks to actor Avi Nash for his great performance on the show.

The reason why Siddiq’s fate came as a massive shock is because it’s a totally original twist for the TV series. Siddiq actually managed to last until the end of the comic books. As did Dante, who was never revealed as a bad guy in the source material. Now, though, we’re hoping he meets his comeuppance very soon.

Be sure to catch The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale, episode 10×08 “The World Before,” when it airs on AMC this Sunday, November 24th.