The Walking Dead Predicted Toilet Paper Hoarding A Decade Ago

The Walking Dead

With the ever-growing threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus, millions of people around the world are making their way to the nearest grocery store to stock up on essential items like soap, medicine, and water. As resource hoarding becomes prevalent, one item on everyone’s checklist that has grown increasingly hard to find is toilet paper. While the pandemic itself certainly isn’t humorous, toilet paper hoarding has become a running gag online that has spawned plenty of memes and funny quotes from people trying to understand why it seems to be such a hot ticket item.

But a television pandemic predicted this a decade ago, as The Walking Dead‘s very first episode featured some toilet paper hoarding of its own. After waking up out of a coma, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) finds and joins up with Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and one fan over on Reddit noticed that, while staying safe from the zombie hoard in a nearby neighbor’s home, Morgan clearly stocked up on toilet paper.

In fact, one shot in the episode shows quite a few rolls against a wall in the house’s living room. Even a zombie apocalypse doesn’t put an end to nature’s call it seems.

The Walking Dead is currently airing its 10th season and Sunday’s episode saw the exit of fan-favorite character Michonne, while the next installment is shaping up to be quite an event as we catch up with most of our characters in the wake of a sudden and impactful death of a villain. You can catch it on March 29th at 9pm on AMC.

In the meantime, stay inside and stay safe – and try to leave a bit of toilet paper on the shelves for your fellow citizens in these dire times.