The Walking Dead Fans Are In Shock Over Last Night’s Major Death

The Walking Dead

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead season 10 was a pretty bloodthirsty affair. As the Whisperers launched their attack on Hilltop, three main characters met their fates. One of them, though, was definitely not part of the villains’ plan. Spoilers incoming: Whisperer queen Alpha finally got her comeuppance as Negan turned the tables and killed her.

Episode 10×12 “Walk With Us” ended with Negan leading Alpha into the woods where he told her he had her errant daughter Lydia locked in a shed. However, when she opened the door, it was empty. Alpha realized his deception, but it was too late – the former Savior leader slit her throat. He then decapitated her and deliver her head to Carol, who it turned out is the one who broke him out of jail in the first place. They were working together all along.

The death is a close adaptation of Alpha’s defeat in the comics and fans have been blown away by it. Not in the usual “saddened by the loss of a major character” way, though, but more in a “Yes! She’s finally dead!” sense.

Murdering Alpha has given Negan a lot of extra brownie points.

Killing Glenn and Abraham? Pfft, all is forgiven, my friend.

Is it time to officially count Negan as one of the good guys?

Carol once again proved she’s not to be underestimated.

OMG Carol, what are you like!

The partnership we were not expecting.

All in all, this episode really went down well with fans, with many calling it the best hour of TWD in a long while.

Presumably, the rest of season 10 will explore Beta unleashing his revenge for Alpha’s death, as well as touching on the question of whether Negan can truly be trusted now. See how things develop next when The Walking Dead continues this Sunday on AMC.