The Walking Dead Season 1 Poster Recreated In Atlanta Amidst Coronavirus


As the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic worsens and people are forced to stay home, once busy streets and locales are suddenly ghost towns almost entirely devoid of citizens. One such place is a typically busy highway in Atlanta that is now an eerie and desolate stretch of asphalt. And recently, Twitter user The Mad Engineer had a friend take a photo from the Jackson St. Bridge to compare it to a popular image we’ve all come to know.

The photo – seen below – recreates the visuals from The Walking Dead‘s first season poster that shows lead character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) making his way into the city on horseback. The series’ early seasons took place in Atlanta and surrounding counties in Georgia, and much like the current state of things, the highways were quiet and deserted. It’s a discomforting sight to behold in a time where humans are at war with a force so small they can’t target it, but thankfully, we’re not going to have to deal with actual zombies… Yet.

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has pointed out comparisons to the real world in The Walking Dead‘s first season. An eagle-eyed Redditor recently noted that the very first episode of the show saw Morgan Jones (Lennie James) hoarding toilet paper in the corner of his living room. With toilet paper being an unusual hot ticket item during these difficult times, the scene hits a little close to home for some.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is now closing in on 500,000 cases and has exceeded 22,000 deaths. The pandemic has forced many governments to fully lock down their entire country with strict travel and socialization bans. It’s not quite as bad as The Walking Dead out there, but it’s nevertheless important to stay indoors and stay safe as we ride out this storm.