The Walking Dead Season 10 Confirmed To End On A Cliffhanger

The Walking Dead

Some of the most famous moments on The Walking Dead have been cliffhangers. Negan choosing which one of the survivors to kill with Lucille at the end of season 7 springs to mind. Last year’s season 9 also ended on a bit of a mystery, albeit on a lesser-scale, as Eugene was seen to make contact with another community of unknown location. With the back half of season 10 kicking off this weekend, it’s now been confirmed that this run will conclude with a cliffhanger, too.

Showrunner Angela Kang revealed the interesting tease while speaking to Entertainment Weekly. Obviously, she stopped short of delving into the nature of the cliffhanger, but Kang did promise that there’s some “big stuff” to come at the end of the season that should be “exciting” for fans to see unfold.

“I’ll just say that there’s some big stuff and there is a cliffhanger, without getting into what exactly that is. But I think hopefully it will be exciting.”

It’s very likely that this cliffhanger will follow on from the season 9 finale teaser and confirm the existence of the Commonwealth. With the Whisperer war due to end this run, that leaves the show with only one major arc to adapt from Robert Kirkman’s comic books: the discovery of the Commonwealth, a massive, 5000-strong community. Kang has already revealed that it would be tackled in season 11, so it’d make sense to set up its presence at the end of 10.

The Commonwealth material should fuel a couple of seasons of the series, too, meaning we can guess what’s coming up to around season 12. With AMC still having complete faith in the franchise, no doubt TWD will reach season 13 and beyond.

For now, however, Alpha and her Whisperers remain at large. The Walking Dead 10×09 “Squeeze” airs this Sunday, February 23rd on AMC.