The Walking Dead Season 10 Teased A Major Comic Death Last Night

The Walking Dead

The latest episode of The Walking Dead season 10 seemed to foreshadow a major death from the comics that could occur before this season is out. Namely, it’s looking like Gabriel might not make it out of the war with the Whisperers alive.

Titled “Stalker,” the tenth episode of season 10 saw the Alexandrians receiving a call from Echo post that a hundred-strong horde of walkers was heading to Alexandria. Gabriel led the way with the community’s best fighters, only to find that the guards at the watchtower had been murdered. He deduced that they must have been forced to raise the alarm before being killed and this was just one big diversion to get the toughest folks out of the way.

Beta was the one behind it, of course, with Alpha’s second-in-command sneaking into Alexandria through a hidden passageway under a grave Dante set up in order to get at Mary/Gamma, who had defected from the Whisperers.

The walker attack may have been a diversion on this occasion, but this event actually happened in the comics at around this stage in the source material. On the page, Gabriel is himself positioned as a guard on the watchtower. When Beta leads a load of zombies towards Alexandria, the religious man panics, slips, snaps his ankle and ends up helplessly dangling from a ladder. Beta guts him and poor Gabriel has his bones picked clean by the horde.

It just so happens that the penultimate episode of season 10 is titled “The Tower,” so the odds are high that Gabriel is going to meet a similar fate on screen, with Rosita’s fear that baby Coco will grow up without a father – as expressed in this episode – coming true. Things don’t look good for her either, in fact, as she’s on her way to Hilltop, which the Whisperers will attack in the coming weeks.

We’ll find out what happens when The Walking Dead season 10 continues on AMC this Sunday, March 8th.