The Walking Dead Season 10B Synopses Tease Big Changes To Come


The Walking Dead returned last weekend for its midseason premiere, with the 10th episode of the tenth season airing this coming weekend and the 11th falling next Sunday. Before now, details about upcoming installments beyond that have been a blank, but a couple of synopses have just been released which tease some major developments for the survivors.

First of all, episode 10×12 is titled “Walk With Us,” with the brief synopsis reading: “With Negan’s help, Alpha and the Whisperers attack Hilltop.” We saw the gruesome partnership between Negan and Alpha take an unexpectedly sexual turn last week and it seems the evil duo will graduate to attacking communities together in two weeks’ time. We’ve previously seen glimpses of this siege in the season 10B trailer as well.

Episode 10×13, meanwhile, is titled “What We Become,” which has yet to be given a description. You might remember that AMC played the same trick with Andrew Lincoln’s final episode in season 9, which lends further evidence to the theory that this is to be the one where Danai Gurira says goodbye to the show as Michonne.

Elsewhere, “Look at the Flowers” is the name of episode 10×14, with this famed quote from the series’ past telling us that it’s set to be centered around Carol (Melissa McBride). The synopsis reads: “Everyone reckons with the aftermath of the Hilltop fire; Eugene leads a trip to meet Stephanie.”

As well as promising some fallout from the Hilltop attack, this description also reveals the beginnings of the next story arc. In the comics, Stephanie is the identity of the mystery woman contacting Hilltop via radio – in the show, Eugene’s been speaking with her since the end of season 9. The stage is set, then, for the arrival of the Commonwealth at the conclusion of season 10.

Don’t miss The Walking Dead 10×10 “Stalker” this Sunday, March 1st on AMC.