The Walking Dead Fans Are Grossed Out By Negan And Alpha’s Sex Scene

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has had its fair share of moments that have grossed fans out. Usually they involve gore or violence, though. Yesterday’s episode, on the other hand, forced viewers to watch through their fingers for a very different reason.

After Negan outed Gamma as the Whisperer spy who was feeding information to the Alexandrians, Alpha took him out into the woods to give him his reward. The former Savior expected that he was about to be executed, but instead he was ordered to turn around and take his clothes off. When he turned back, Alpha had done the same, though she left her zombie skin-mask on. The pair then engaged in as graphic a sex scene as censors would allow.

Many fans have now flocked to social media to share that they wish they’d never seen it in the first place and are desperate to erase it from their minds.

Anyone got any bleach?

As the man himself once said…

Abraham’s expression says it all.

Drastic measures must be taken.

What we’re all thinking.

Just no!

Seriously, who asked for this?

Must erase! Must erase!

As comic book readers know, things play out very differently for Negan and Alpha on the page. While he tries it on with her a few times, she resolutely rebuffs his advances, including with a slap to the face. In the end, though, Alpha has a moment of vulnerability which Negan exploits and ends up decapitating her.

There was a reference to this during this scene, too, as Negan worries that she’s going to make love like a praying mantis and behead him afterwards. But showrunner Angela Kang is keeping quiet on whether this betrayal will still occur on the TV show.

The Walking Dead continues with episode 10×10 “Stalker” this Sunday, March 1st on AMC.