The Walking Dead Season 10C Photos Tease Negan’s Wife, A Mystery Character And More

The Walking Dead

A new promo image for The Walking Dead season 10C offers another glimpse at Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Rhee, as well as teasing a mystery character.

When Maggie returned in the season 10 finale, she brought with her a new ally – a masked man with kama weapons. We know we’ll find out more about them when the post-apocalyptic drama resumes, but a new photo reveals that there’s someone else we’ve got to theorize about.

This pic, which presumably comes from “Home Sweet Home,” the opening episode of the additional chunk of season 10 that’s debuting next month, captures Maggie staking out in the woods. Behind her, though, you can see someone obscured in camouflage holding a knife. It appears that Lauren Cohan’s character is unaware of the danger lurking in close proximity, though.

You can check it out for yourself down below with a whole slew of other photos, including one that shows off Negan and his wife, who’ll be debuting in an upcoming episode.

Circling back to the mystery character, though, and it looks like a masculine figure. So, it’s possible that it could be Robert Patrick’s newcomer Mays, who appears to be wearing similar clothes to this stranger from what we’ve seen of him so far in the trailers. Going by this pic, it looks like the Terminator 2 icon might be a foe rather than a friend as well, but it’s possible he’ll join up with the survivors in the end.

The other mystery character is actually named Elijah and will be played by Okea Eme-Akwari. Elijah came with Maggie from whichever community she’s been living with since she left Hilltop behind years prior and we’ll find out more about him in the six episodes of season 10C, which will take an anthology-like approach. With the first one focusing on Cohan’s fan favorite, other outings will check in on Eugene and friends as they’re arrested by the Commonwealth and the finale will tackle Negan’s origins, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan, playing Lucille.

The Walking Dead season 10C is set to premiere Sunday, February 28th.