Watch: The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Reveals First Look At Commonwealth Soldiers


Earlier this week, AMC confirmed that The Walking Dead is set to end in 2022 after its eleventh season. But don’t worry, as we’ve still got a lot to go before the show calls it a day. And the teaser trailer that came with this announcement featured a hint at the next major storyline that’ll play out when the series returns next year: the coming of the Commonwealth. To be specific, the promo revealed our first look at the Commonwealth’s soldiers.

In the final moments of the 47-second video, there’s the briefest flash of an armed man in all-white, Stormtrooper-like armor. This is a close match to the design of the Commonwealth soldiers from the comics. We’ve always guessed that the gigantic community of survivors was arriving in the season 10 finale, but this is our first on-screen glimpse of them.

You can catch the trailer in the player above, or else check out the screenshot below:

When we last saw them, Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and newcomer Princess were on their way to meet Eugene’s radio contact Stephanie and her group in Charleston, West Virginia. Though the geography is different, fans have always known that Stephanie must belong to the Commonwealth, a 50,000-strong community, which is by far the biggest settlement introduced in TWD‘s post-apocalyptic world.

Promo pics have already teased the group encountering Commonwealth reps in a railway rendezvous. In the comics, it’s Pamela Milton who greets them, the governor of the settlement, but it’s unclear if the show will change this aspect in any way. Regardless, from here on out, the Commonwealth will likely play a major role. No doubt featuring prominently in the additional six episodes coming in early 2021.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, though, The Walking Dead season 10 finale “A Certain Doom” lands on AMC on Sunday, October 4th.

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