AMC Reveals First Photos From The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale


We had to wait a long time there without any concrete updates, but we finally found out at [email protected] a couple of weeks ago that The Walking Dead season 10, held up over the pandemic, is set to air on AMC in early October. This announcement came with the release of the opening minutes of the much-anticipated episode (see above). And now, AMC has got us hyped even further with these images from the finale.

Titled “A Certain Doom,” episode 10×16 follows on from where things left off, with Beta commanding a legion of walkers and Whisperers surrounding the survivors at the old medical tower. We’ve seen from the sneak peek that Daryl, Judith, Carol and Kelly manage to work their way through the army and back inside to help get the others out. And these pics tease what’s to come after that.

One photo showcases Daryl instructing the survivors to cover themselves in walker guts. As we’ve seen before on the show, this should hide their scent from the zombies and give them a fighting chance of getting through the horde undetected. As previously teased, though, the challenge this time is that there are intelligent Whisperers amongst the walkers who could spot them and take them out. How many will make it out alive?

Another notable image captures a moment between Negan and Daryl. It’s hard to gauge what’s going on between them here, though – are they arguing, or are they allies? Earlier in the season, the pair came to some sort of understanding when the former Savior rescued Daryl from execution by Whisperers, but they’ll never be best pals. Away from the home turf, meanwhile, Eugene and company are still on their quest to track down the new community that Eugene’s been contacted by, which has to be the Commonwealth.

Don’t miss The Walking Dead when it returns on October 4th, the same night The Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres.