The Walking Dead Fans Freaking Out Over Negan/Daryl Team-Up


The question of Negan’s true loyalties has been a major one this past half-season on The Walking DeadThough it seemed like he had gone back to the dark side and had pledged allegiance to Alpha as her new right-hand man, he turned the tables on the Whisperer queen a couple of episodes ago, revealing that he’s been working with Carol to defeat her all this time. Yesterday’s installment, “Look at the Flowers,” explored the fallout of this confirmation that Negan’s chosen to side with the good guys, and it led to an unlikely partnership with Daryl Dixon.

The episode still had some fun with making us worry over what Negan would do next, however. He initially seemed to declare himself the new Alpha and appeared to be executing Daryl – only for the pair to flip the situation and wipe out a group of Whisperers. Negan and Daryl fighting side by side was a sight to behold for TWD fans, too, who raved about the duo on social media.

To begin with, you can watch the sequence in question below:

Negan definitely enjoyed being the boss again.

On the other hand, Daryl was definitely not enjoying it.

Wait, where do the actors end and the characters begin?

Following this, the pair shared another another great scene together as they had almost a heart-to-heart, as the former Savior came clean about his conflicted nature and why he ultimately decided to betray Alpha.

More of this duo, please!

I’m not sure it’s working, Negan.

What would Rick say if he saw Daryl and Negan palling around?

Addressing the complicated Negan/Daryl relationship in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Angela Kang explained that there is “a little bit of a thaw” in Negan’s attitude to his old enemy in this episode, as Norman Reedus’ character is “a pretty pragmatic guy” and understands that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s ex-villain is a useful ally to have. However, Kang said that when it comes to Negan’s past crimes, “I don’t think that that’s something that’s easily left behind.”

Don’t miss The Walking Dead 10×15 “The Tower” on AMC this coming Sunday, as it’s the final episode before the show goes on indefinite hiatus.