Watch: New Walking Dead Clip Reveals Carol And Negan’s Secret Deal

The Walking Dead

We’ve had a huge couple of episodes of The Walking Dead these last two weeks. This past Sunday brought Michonne’s final ever appearance and the week before that marked the death of Alpha, as killed by Negan in a major twist – even if it was one that comic book readers saw coming. What we didn’t foresee, though, was that the former Savior was working with Carol all along, as it was her that had freed him from his jail cell in the first place.

As episode 13 focused on Michonne, this week’s fourteenth outing of season 10 will finally reveal the full story of this unlikely partnership. And this sneak peek at the installment reveals a flashback to the moment their agreement was made.

It sees Carol speaking to Negan through the cell bars, with an enticing proposition. “What do I get out of this?” Negan asks her, after Carol’s promise that his actions will help every woman and child in the community don’t convince him.

“You’ve been eating whatever sh*t we through your way, hoping that one day they’ll all forget,” Carol responds. “They won’t. Not unless you do something to make them forget. So you bring me Alpha’s head. And that’s what the people will remember you for. I’ll make sure of it.”

Negan wordlessly sees the truth of what she’s saying and agrees. “I have your word?” he asks. Carol replies: “If you do it fast.”

Well, Negan did the deed, as promised, delivering Alpha’s decapitated cranium to Carol for her to put it on a spike. The question now, then, is will Carol vouch for Negan and his freedom like she said she would, or will she go back on her word? He did help her get revenge for her son’s death, but then again, he also killed friends of hers back in the day.

We’ll find out when The Walking Dead continues with 10×14 “Look at the Flowers” this Sunday, March 29th AMC.