The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 3 “The Cell” Promo

Following the unrelenting bleakness of the season 7 premiere, Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead lightened things up a touch (well, as “light” as this show gets) when we caught up with Carol and Morgan in The Kingdom, and were introduced to a fun new character named Ezekiel.

Next week, however, we find out what Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) has been going through as Negan’s prisoner, and the promo (and sneak peek) for the episode is an instant reminder of the horrors that the leader of The Saviors inflicted on the group.

We already know that Daryl is going to be harboring a lot of guilt about his part in Glenn’s death and will be going “very, very dark,” but is he too far gone to care about his own well-being? The promo seems to suggest that Dwight is going to be keeping an eye on him, and has probably been tasked with making sure he stays in a submissive state – that said, Negan appears to admire Daryl’s spirit, so perhaps he’ll attempt to integrate him into this clearly messed-up society.

Whatever happens, one thing’s certain: to gain a measure of revenge, Daryl won’t leave this world without at least trying to take Negan with him.

The Walking Dead returns next Sunday with “The Cell.” Tell us, will you be tuning in, or did you throw in the towel after the season premiere?