The Walking Dead Season 7B Featurette Contains Some New Footage


As we get closer to the highly anticipated midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, AMC has released a new 3-minute featurette for the first episode back, which is titled “Rock in The Road.”

The video begins with some previously seen shots of various characters, most of them reacting to the horrific events of the now infamous season 7 premiere. After that, we get a couple of interview snippets from the likes of Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Scott Gimple and Gale Anne Hurd, and then it’s on to the new stuff.

A meeting between Rick Grimes and Eziekel has been teased for a while now, but here we finally get our first proper glimpse of the now desperate leader of the Alexandrians appealing to the “King” for help. Rick makes the argument that both communities should join together and fight for their collective freedom, but the tiger man doesn’t seem too convinced. At least, not yet.

After that, we get some new shots of the villainous Negan flashing his signature, sinister smile. It might take some time for his enemies to mobilize and make their first move, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we see that grin wiped right off his face.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC with its final batch of season 7 episodes on February 12th, when Rick and co. will begin their campaign to wage all-out war against Negan and his merciless army of Saviors. Will they be victorious though? Tune in later this month to find out!