The Fight Continues In This Promo For Next Week’s Walking Dead


So, has everyone stopped crying now? Come on, be honest.

The Walking Dead returned from its winter break tonight with one of the most important episodes the show has served up in a long while. As we’ve known ever since the final moments of the midseason finale saw him succumbing to a walker bite, tonight’s outing – titled “Honor” – gave us the last hour of Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs). If any TWD fans claim they weren’t emotional wrecks by the end of the extended installment, then they’re straight up lying.

The midseason premieres always tend to send the current storyline spinning off in a different direction and that’s very true of “Honor.” Though we didn’t get much movement on some of the other plotlines that we’re waiting to see re-visited, it’s becoming very clear that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) will be profoundly changed by his son’s loss as the show moves forward. As has been hinted at by Riggs, Rick’s overall outlook will go from aiming to kill his enemy to wanting to achieve some kind of peace.

Speaking of how things will proceed, we now have our first look at next week’s episode in the form of the short promo up above, along with a clip. Episode 8×10 is set to be titled “The Lost and the Plunderers” and the previously-released synopsis describes it as so: “Groups unite their forces and converge on the Hilltop; Aaron and Enid search for allies.”

It’s telling that next week’s outing will see the various groups coming together at the Hilltop, as it should make it feel like the “All Out War” arc is really coming to a head. After all, showrunner Scott Gimple has promised that Carl’s death will have a “nuclear” effect on the series, as it’ll impact on everyone who knew him and alter “how they’re going to go into the future.” Clearly, they’ll be making sure they give Negan and the Saviors their all.

The Walking Dead “The Lost and the Plunderers” airs on AMC next Sunday, March 4th.