Maggie’s Fate On The Walking Dead In Doubt As Lauren Cohan’s New Show Gets Series Order


You may recall all the hubbub surrounding Lauren Cohan’s future with The Walking Dead the other month, when it came out that the actress had signed up for ABC’s action comedy-drama Whiskey Cavalier. After a protracted pay dispute, the problem was apparently put to bed and Cohan was confirmed to return for season 9. But a new issue has now risen which could complicate matters: Whiskey Cavalier has been ordered to series.

With Cohan finding herself as a regular on another show, that’s likely to impact how much she can appear on The Walking Dead. In fact, it might even mean that she has to leave the long-running AMC series for good. And, after eight seasons, we all know full well what that would mean: Maggie may be about to follow in her late husband Glenn’s footsteps and become the latest major player to die on the show.

Lauren Cohan on The Walking Dead

If the writing is truly on the wall for Maggie, then that’s certainly sad news, as she’s one of the longest-serving characters left on the series, which is losing more and more of those as time goes on. Maggie Rhee nee Greene has been part of TWD since season 2, and we’ve seen her grow from a farmer’s daughter to a tough leader of the Hilltop community. What’s more, the season 8 finale promised that she’d go down an interesting path next year, as Maggie was seen to be plotting against her old friend Rick.

Whiskey Cavalier, meanwhile, features Cohan as the co-lead alongside Scott Foley. The pair will play a CIA operative and an FBI agent, respectively, as they’re forced to partner up to “lead an inter-agency team of flawed, funny and heroic spies who periodically save the world.” It sounds like a fun show, to be sure, but it might end up earning the hatred of The Walking Dead fans if it spells Maggie’s doom.

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