The Walking Dead Season 9 Casts Samantha Morton As Alpha


For years, The Walking Dead fans have been wondering if and when the Whisperers, the creepy community that wear walker skins, would make the jump from the comic book series to the TV show. Now that season 8’s wrapped up the adaptation of the “All-Out War” arc, it makes sense for the Whisperers to appear in season 9. And sure enough, we finally have some official confirmation that they’re on their way to make our heroes’ lives a misery.

As revealed by, TWD creator Robert Kirkman has announced that Alpha, the Whisperer’s sinister leader, has been cast. British actress Samantha Morton (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them) will portray the twisted survivor of the zombie apocalypse who believes that civilization is dead and the last of humanity should embrace the savage new world. Naturally, this puts her and her people in conflict with Rick Grimes and the assembled communities.

Of course, fans have thought they’ve spotted hints at the Whisperer’s existence at numerous points over the last few seasons. This came to a head in the season 8 finale which featured Team Rick passing some poles that were apparently randomly marked in a field. In the comics, the Whisperers use polls to mark their territory. Put together with the horde of walkers glimpsed in the distance in this episode – the Whisperers have their own zombie army – it seems that this was a very deliberate tease as to the villains’ introduction in season 9.

Now that we know what threat the survivors will be facing in the new run, it sounds like the Whisperers may have something to do with Andrew Lincoln’s upcoming exit from The Walking Dead, which suggests Rick Grimes is going to die. After he’s fought and beat Shane, the Governor, Negan and more, could Samantha Morton’s Alpha be the one to finally kill him? We’ll find out when season 9 airs on October 7th.