The Walking Dead Sees Another Ratings Increase


The Walking Dead season 8 has been described as many things by many people – bloated, exhilarating and at-times infuriating…to name just a few.

It’s a reception that has been reflected in the show’s official ratings, too, which have spent the past number of months vacillating between solid and downright atrocious – not since season 1 has The Walking Dead posted a score below 3.0 among the 18-49 demographic, though its viewership has been rising steadily ever since “The Key,” which certainly bodes well for April’s season finale.

Speaking of which, last week’s episode, “Do Not Send Us Astray,” received a bump in the numbers, too, clinching a 3.0 rating in that key 18-49 demo, with 6.774 million viewers tuning in for what was another solid outing for the zombie drama. Granted, these ratings are still quite a ways away from earlier in the season – especially the premiere – but it’s nice to see the show slowly climbing back up as we approach what’s sure to be an explosive conclusion later next month.

Here’s how the ratings have stacked up so far for season 8:

Episode 8×01: 11.44 million (5.0)
Episode 8×02: 8.92 million (4.0)
Episode 8×03: 8.52 million (3.8)
Episode 8×04: 8.69 million (3.9)
Episode 8×05: 7.85 million (3.4)
Episode 8×06: 8.3 million (3.6)
Episode 8×07: 7.47 million (3.3)
Episode 8×08: 7.9 million (3.4)
Episode 8×09: 8.3 million (3.6)
Episode 8×10: 6.8 million (2.9)
Episode 8×11: 6.6 million (2.8)
Episode 8×12: 6.66 million (2.83)
Episode 8×13: 6.774 million (3.0)

Again, we’re not quite back to where we were, but hopefully, this renewed sense of momentum will last until season 8’s end – which is quickly approaching. “Still Gotta Mean Something” is up next and will nudge Rick and Morgan towards uncharted territory on Sunday, April 1st, by which point The Walking Dead will be tantalizingly close to its extended, super-sized season finale – a finale that will bear the title “Wrath.” Look for it to premiere on April 15th.