The Walking Dead Enjoys Ratings Boon After “The Key”


For the first time since December’s midseason finale, The Walking Dead has notched a ratings boon.

Figures relayed by Headline Planet (h/t confirm that last Sunday’s installment, “The Key,” drew 6.66 million viewers in total, alongside a 2.83 rating in that key 18-49 demographic. It’s marginally better than “Dead or Alive Or,” which scored a 2.8 and 6.6 million viewers overall, but considering that The Walking Dead‘s ratings have been on a steady decline for the past three months, this is undoubtedly a small victory for the folks over at AMC.

The real question, of course, is whether “The Key” can unlock some momentum for the undead flagship as we approach season 8’s grand finale, one which is expected to see the war between Rick’s group and the Saviors (and Negan!) reach a bloody conclusion.

Here’s confirmation of season 8’s ratings thus far:

Episode 8×01: 11.44 million (5.0)
Episode 8×02: 8.92 million (4.0)
Episode 8×03: 8.52 million (3.8)
Episode 8×04: 8.69 million (3.9)
Episode 8×05: 7.85 million (3.4)
Episode 8×06: 8.3 million (3.6)
Episode 8×07: 7.47 million (3.3)
Episode 8×08: 7.9 million (3.4)

And season 8B thus far:

Episode 8×09: 8.3 million (3.6)
Episode 8×10: 6.8 million (2.9)
Episode 8×11: 6.6 million (2.8)
Episode 8×12: 6.66 million (2.83)

Perhaps this is a sign that The Walking Dead is beginning to turn things around? After all, a midseason lull is nothing unusual for a show of TWD‘s stature, given the zombie drama has been occupying screens for the better part of a decade. Nevertheless, AMC’s juggernaut still has a long way to go if it’s to reach the dizzying heights of seasons 4 and 5.

This Sunday, AMC’s The Walking Dead continues with the premiere of “Do Not Send Us Astray,” and it looks like the haunted Morgan Jones is about to confront his inner demons.