The Walking Dead Star Dan Fogler Wants In On Andrew Lincoln Movies

The Walking Dead

Dan Fogler joined The Walking Dead in season 9 as Luke, part of Magna’s group who were introduced following the six-year time jump. Against all the odds, Luke survived Alpha’s massacre later that season, in contrast with the comic books. And now that the TWD universe is his oyster and all bets are off, Fogler is hoping that he can maybe cross over into Andrew Lincoln’s upcoming movie trilogy so that he can get to work with the Rick Grimes star.

While speaking with The Movie Dweeb, the actor revealed his desire to share some screen time with Lincoln. He just missed the opportunity to work with the show’s former lead, as he debuted in Lincoln’s final episode, but a cameo or supporting role in the movies would fix that. Whatever happens, Fogler has high hopes for the first film that’s due out, labelling it “epic.”

“I would love to make some interesting appearances in one of the movies coming out, maybe even get to work with Rick. I never got to work with [Lincoln],” Fogler said. “I would love to crossover onto the big screen, that would be fun. I just feel that movie would be epic.”

Speaking generally about where Luke could go next following the conclusion of the Whisperer War, the Fantastic Beasts star pitched the former music teacher restarting his career with the kids of Oceanside, and maybe something developing between him and potential love interest Jules (Alex Sgambati).

“He’s doing a glee club thing with the kids of Oceanside or something, and maybe Jules is sitting in the audience and she’s got a baby, and it looks like everything is fine,” Fogler said. “Then I see that behind the kids, there’s just a wave of zombies. That would be a cool opening. Then it would be interesting if you had the kids suddenly turn around and they all have bow and arrows.”

Given Fogler’s ideas, maybe we can safely say that he’ll make it out of the incoming finale alive, which is good news. There really is a lot of freedom with this character seeing as there’s no comic book plan to follow with him, but would a movie appearance make sense? Well, Fogler is a familiar face on the big screen thanks to his role in the Wizarding World, so who knows?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its long-delayed finale in roughly one month’s time, on Sunday, October 4th.