The Walking Dead Star Expects Negan To Irritate Maggie In Season 11


Maggie’s coming back to The Walking Dead. A teaser for the delayed season 10 finale revealed that Lauren Cohan will be returning to the series from its next episode onward after temporarily exiting early on in season 9. She looks to be arriving just in time to take part in the final battle against the Whisperers, so her friends will no doubt be pleased to see her. And she’ll be be pleased to see them. One person she won’t be happy to lay eyes on again, however, is Negan.

The pair have quite the history, with their first meeting coming when the former Savior leader brutally murdered Maggie’s husband, Glenn. The Hilltop boss was desperate for revenge and didn’t take to Rick Grimes’ merciful decision to lock Negan up once they defeated him. When we last saw her, Maggie faced the villain in his jail cell, but couldn’t bring herself to kill him. That doesn’t mean that all is forgiven, though.

Looking to the future of the show, Jeffrey Dean Morgan expects that Negan will “irritate” Maggie once she returns. The actor chatted with TWD newcomer Paola Lazaro on his quarantine talk show Friday Night In With the Morgans, in which the latter discussed how she thinks her bubbly character, Princess, will annoy the heck out of the more serious Maggie.

“I think Princess and Negan will get along great, and that would be very interesting to see. But I think, and this is sad, I think I would irritate Maggie to the core,” Lázaro said. “She’s a very serious woman, and she’s going through a lot, and then I come in with that big smile. I’m like, ‘Hey! I’m happy to be here.'”

In response, Morgan agreed, adding that Negan and Princes will both rub Maggie the wrong way.

“We have that in common, too,” Morgan said with a laugh. “I’m gonna irritate Maggie also.”

Princess was first encountered by Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko on their quest to rendezvous with citizens of a new community. In the comics, Negan had exited stage left by the time she – real name: Juanita Sanchez – arrived on the scene, so it should be interesting to see how they interact. They may well get along as Princess, not having been around during the Savior war, won’t hold his old crimes against him. Unlike Maggie, who’s unlikely to ever get over them.

The Walking Dead season 10 finale will air sometime later this year on AMC.