The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun Pens Touching Letter To Andrew Lincoln


It was shocking news when it came out earlier this year that The Walking Dead‘s upcoming ninth season will be the last for Andrew Lincoln, who’s played protagonist Rick Grimes ever since the hit show’s first episode. As attached to the characters as fans get, though, the cast of the drama have always talked about how they’ve become one big family, so it must be a big deal when one of them leaves via the series’ shocking deaths.

One of the most devastating of these was Glenn’s back in the season 7 premiere. Having already said goodbye to the show and having been where Lincoln is now, Steven Yeun penned a touching open letter to his old co-star and friend and shared it with EW. In it, he speaks about how generous and encouraging the British star is as a leading man and figure on set, with the full thing reading as so:

“I think you’d be hard pressed to find people like Andy. He’s that perfect mix of class, humor, and talent. I remember my first days with him on our show and remember how calm he made everyone. As a totally green kid starting work on my first ever show, I was absolutely terrified, but somehow on that first day I couldn’t help but feel a sense of ease, as if someone had taken all the difficulty and nerves out of the situation for me. That was totally Andy Lincoln.

I learned quite a bit during my seven years on that show with him. Sometimes it was direct, like him taking the time to work through a scene on our off days with me. Other times it was passive, just me just looking up to him, asking myself if I could ever do that; if I could be so resolute in the face of enormous pressure.

I heard this from my cousin and it seems to encapsulate the environment that Andy generated around him: kindness breeds safety; safety breeds confidence. To know that things will be taken care of because your lead actor is also an incredible leader is something that I will be forever grateful for. I owe Andy quite a bit for helping and guiding me throughout my time with him on that show. I’m just trying to catch up to his example.

Congratulations, Andy. You’re one of the greatest. Love you.”

Yeun is just one of many Walking Dead stars past and present who left heartfelt messages to Lincoln via EW ahead of the start of season 9 next week. Though you might think these letters are a little premature, as we’ve still got a lot more of Rick to come before he departs, you’d be wrong. We know that Lincoln will leave Alexandria and the world of TWD behind him sometime during the first half of the season. We don’t currently know how he’ll be written out, but we’re going to guess it’ll be a hugely emotional exit

While it doesn’t seem like a return on screen is on the cards, Lincoln’s actually already planning a comeback of sorts, as he’s down to direct an episode of The Walking Dead in season 10. No doubt his friends on the show will be pleased to have him around again, even if it’s behind the camera instead of in front.

Source: EW