Wallis Day Breaks The Silence On Replacing Ruby Rose As Batwoman’s Kate Kane


The reappearance of Kate Kane in Batwoman has been teased for several weeks, but in last night’s episode “Initiate Self-Destruct,” she finally came back into the show. And Wallis Day, the actress to henceforth play Bruce Wayne’s cousin, has now opened up about what joining the series means to her.

Kate was brought back into things as a prisoner of Black Mask, who was also revealed to be Roman Sionis for anyone who didn’t already know and was unable to see through the painfully thin façade. Although her face wasn’t shown and she swiftly underwent the final stages of brainwashing to have her personality and memories overwritten by those of Sionis’ deceased daughter Circe, it was made clear who she was.

Speaking to CBR, Day talked about her previous experience of potentially being up for the role, and her reaction to now finally having the opportunity to realize it.

“Yeah, so I actually went out for it last year, when they announced the departure of Ruby [Rose], but a few weeks into the process, they said that they were heading in a different direction. But [showrunner] Caroline [Dries] wrote me an email letter and just said, ‘Listen, we’re going in a different direction, but if we do end up bringing Kate back, I’ll give you a call.’ And I was just like, ‘Yeah, right, everyone always says this to the actors!’

“But to be honest, I was really upset about it, because it just felt like such a right move. You never really get excited, because you kind of get used to rejection as an actor, but it just gnawed at me. In January, Caroline called, and I was like, ‘Yes, I do still want to play Kate! Let’s do it!’ And here we are.”

She also talked about what she intends to bring to the part, saying:

“Justice is what I will probably link to Kate. She is so much about fairness, but also about being so authentically herself. That’s why I love her, because she does have this edgy grit about her and she’s not afraid to be who she is, and that stood out for me as well. But I think, more than anything, it was the way that she just wants to look out for the people she loves and make the world better in such a dark place like Gotham.”

As Day says, prior to the announcement that the Batwoman mantle would be passed on to new character Ryan Wilder, she was one of a number of actresses who actively campaigned to replace Ruby Rose, and with her having been among the most popular of the potential choices to don the cowl, her performance should hopefully please fans.

As Kate, Day manages to morph her natural accent into a more than passable imitation of Rose’s voice, which, along with the two women being of similar height and body type, helps in convincing of her being the same person despite knowing that someone else is playing her.

It’s clear that this is more than just another job for Day, too, so when she’s properly introduced into the world of Batwoman, that enthusiasm should ease the transition of accepting a new actress in the role.