Wally West Is All Smiles In New Clip From The Flash Midseason Premiere


With a trailer for the midseason premiere of The Flash already having been released, it appears the network is now willing to offer a full clip from the returning episode – four weeks in advance, no less. On the positive side, it makes the winter hiatus easier to endure.

As we can see in the footage provided, Wally West is proudly settling into his new role of Kid Flash; he’s saving lives and receiving high fives. There’s just one catch: Barry Allen doesn’t seem all that pleased.

Perhaps it’s due to the stress of knowing that his best gal Iris West may possibly be murdered at the hands of Savitar in a matter of months, or he genuinely doesn’t want someone else he cares for to come to harm. After all, Wally is not only his girlfriend’s brother, he’s pretty much his step brother. Our advice: Try not thinking about that too much.

Although it may seem like such stubbornness may have rubbed off from his friend the Green Arrow, do keep in mind this situation somewhat echoes what’s been going on as of late in the recently relaunched comic book series for The Flash. In it, we also see a young Wally West coming into his powers and first donning his sharp costume. Barry, however, aims to show the young man the ropes lest he run headstrong into a situation he isn’t quite prepared for.

Similarities aside, The Flash is currently one of DC’s hottest properties no matter what medium he’s presented in and as such, we look forward to seeing how this all plays out when new episodes commence on Tuesday, January 24 on The CW.