WandaVision Likely To Still Arrive This Year Despite MCU Phase 4 Delays


2020 was supposed to the beginning of a brand new era for the MCU, with Phase 4 kicking off in a big way, across both the big and small screens. Unfortunately, their plans have been thrown for a loop by the COVID-19 outbreak. As you no doubt know, every Phase 4 movie over the next few years has been shifted back. The studio’s schedule for their Disney Plus TV series has yet to be revealed, but it’s long been assumed there would be delays there, too.

The latest info, however, points to at least one out of two arriving this year as intended. According to insider Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse, WandaVision actually completed production just before the lockdown hit. What’s more, Murphy says that it’s pretty far along the post-production process as well, with the VFX potentially already finished. This means that it’s just the editing that needs to be done now and then it’ll be ready to go.

This gives WV a major advantage over The Falcon and the Winter Soldierwhich had almost completed filming before the disruption but still had some footage left to shoot in Prague. As that can’t really move forward until the whole thing’s in the can, WV has now gained the upper hand. Editing can be undertaken remotely, so as things stand, it looks like the Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany vehicle will be able to meet its December release slot, after all.

When it comes to Falcon, an August release for it feels pretty optimistic. Having said that, Prague is starting to open its doors to overseas productions again, so the series may be able to wrap up its leftover material soon. Could we end up with both shows arriving in 2020, then? That would be the best case scenario, but for now, it looks like we’re definitely getting WandaVision in time for Christmas at least.